Covid-19 Policy

We are putting the following procedures in place to safeguard the health of both osteopath and patient:

    • The osteopath will be wearing mask, apron, or single use scrub coat, and gloves.

    • We request that the patient also wears a mask. Please wear a surgical mask or a substantial mask of at least 2 layers.

    • Please hand sanitise before you enter the room. Sanitiser will be available.

    • There will be no linens, and the pillow cases will be plastic or single use paper.

    • The plinth, pillows, surfaces and door knobs will be disinfected between patients.

    • We ask you to arrive at your exact appointment time time, and preferably not more than 5 minutes before your appointment slot.

    • We also ask that you wait in your car unless you have arrived by public transport. We will come out to meet you, or ring your mobile if you are not parked in our car park. This will reduce the risk of your meeting another patient.

    • We will ring or text you on the morning of your session, or the day before if you have a morning slot, to make sure you have no symptoms of Covid-19.

  • Covid Vaccination: Some non-osteopath staff members as well as some patients attending this practice might not be vaccinated due to ineligibility, medical contraindications/ exemptions or personal preference.

  • To keep everyone safe, strict infection prevention control measures are in place and our osteopaths will be wearing the appropriate level of PPE.